asked 11 years ago

I thought I made it clear in my last question that your archive does not work for me, but instead I was told how to install a WordPress theme, some that I clearly know how to do because my last question claimed that the theme failed to upload.

Sorry for marking the question type as “pre-sale question”, but I want to make sure that I don’t have to wait 3 days for you to read it.

Please fix the archive and give me another download link.

2 Answers
Jennifer N
answered 11 years ago

Hello Dean,

You should try extracting that zip file and install on the following guide:


answered 11 years ago

Your tutorial was not relavant to my situation.  I eventually installed it by finding the actual theme files several levels deep in the zip archive.  I moved those files manually to my server and it seems to work fine.  You can mark this case closed.

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