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Have you heard of any issues loading the quickstart zip to Go Daddy’s Managed WordPress??? I’ve gotten the theme zip to load but am experiencing issues loading the quickstart zip. Which by the way I’d really love to have as it will make getting this going a whole lot easier. IS there someone who can help me load if needed? Thanks again!

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Hi Bemajor,
To install theme on the Godaddy, using Please do as following:
Step1: Go to Click Log in to My Account  in the top left corner. Log into the Control Panel of GoDaddy using the details that were sent to your via email  and click Log in.
See the screenshot:
Step2: Click My Account in the top left corner once you’ve logged in.
Step3: Scroll down and click + sybmol next to WEB HOSTING.
Step4: Find your domain in the list and click Launch.
See the screenshot: Step 5: On the frontend page scroll down click the File Manager icon under the Tools section.
Step6: By default the next page opens the webroot folder. You need to decide if you want to access your site from (where mysite is your domain name) – then the file should be uploaded to the ‘webroot ‘directory. Or if you want to open it from you have some files in the webroot  already)  – then you will need to click “+New” -> New Folder at the top. Enter a name for your sub-folder (e.g. dwfocus) and click Ok That will create a new folder with the name you entered in the ‘webroot’  directory which you will need to double click to open  and upload the files.
Step7: Click Browse  and navigate to the file on your computer.
Step8: Double click the file or click on it and click Open to start uploading the file. At the  left corner you will see a timer that shows the uploading process.
Step9: Once it’s finished uploading your file, you will see the folder in the directory you uploaded it to. Check it to select, then go to the More -> Extract menu to unzip it. See the screenshot: Step10: In the window that pops up click the name of the directory you want to extract the content to.  Click Ok.
Step11: When the is unzipped ,  you will no longer need it, so check it to select, then go to the Delete menu. In the next window  click Ok.
Step12: Create database.
Step13: Please open site URL on the browser then install theme.
If you still face the issue, You can send me username & password your hosting (via private answer). We will help you install theme.
Hope this helps!

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