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asked 10 years ago

There is a currently a problem between Jetpack and DW Focus theme that makes it impossible to use DW Tabs or even DW Accordion.
Since, I cannot wait until compatibility issue is resolved by the Design Wall team, I decided to try a work-around.
My work around involves using “Text Widget”, “Tabs Shortcode widget” (which is still working for some reason) and “Shortcodes for Widgets”.
The problem with my work-around is that I do not have the shortcodes for some of your widgets and I do not want to install another plugin (due to site performance issues).
My question therefore is this:
– Is there a way that I can generate and determine the shortcodes for the DW Focus widgets (e.g. DW Tabs, DW Accordion, DW Featured News etc.)

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Damilarelana !
Sorry for the late reply.
To resolve this issue, you can use the DW Shortcodes Bootstrap. Please find the plugin here:


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