wojciech gorski
asked 8 years ago


is there any changelog or something for latest version of DW Gamez? I just wanted to know, because i’m not sure if I should renew licence.

I’m not getting any errors or anything – one thing that stopped working a while ago was accordion widget, which i’m not using anymore anyway. So I’m wondering, if this update is "critical".

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Jackie Lord
answered 8 years ago

On DW Gamez 1.0.5 we have added one-click-update feature. To help you easy to update DW Gamez theme like other free WordPress theme. You can read more details about this here: https://www.designwall.com/blog/introducing-one-click-update-feature-for-our-wordpress-themes-plugins/

And we are going to release DW Gamez 1.0.6 with new feature: "one click demo content install" next week. This feature can help new customers easy to install demo content.

Also, we are always working to improve our service to make our customers happy. We’d love to know what we can do to make you make decisions to renew its license?


replied 8 years ago

It’s kinda weird for that kind of feature(one-click-update) – I mean there was no updates since very long time(it was either april 2014/2015?). I’m not sure if there’s need for something like that.

"one click demo content install" – should be implemented long time ago πŸ™‚

There are a lot other things, that should be fixed – for example there’s still no language files, widget accordions that I mentioned before, slider and front page widgets should be editable via dedicated submenu in admin area with options or built-in wordpress customizer, not widget area. Bootstrap already have 3.3.6 version and DW Gamez is using 3.0.0, newer version of jquery, then newer version of modernizr(3.3.1). Also maybe you could implement google fonts(I’m using plugin for that anyway, but that might be something good for people, who are not familiar with css). You guys are thinking about updating things, that doesn’t really matter.

But i appreciate honesty – you could just answer me with "you should update it, because it’s latest version", but you haven’t.

Right now it’s ~35$ for one-click-update and one-click-demo-install, would you pay for that if you were me? πŸ™‚

replied 8 years ago

Hi, thank you for your advice, we’ll definitely update our theme with new version of bootstrap, and will add more new features to the theme.

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