An Nguyen
asked 8 years ago

Howdy friends,

Lets meet our new DW Magz (beta release) today, the latest addition to our WordPress news / magazine theme category. The theme is the right choice if you are looking for a sleek and modern retina-ready news and magazine WordPress theme.

A quick glance at the features packed in this theme:

– Advance Header:

  • Sticky & resized header upon scroll
  • Personalized color code for each menu item
  • Flexible Logo placement, left or center.
  • Off canvas sidebar built in
  • Light, dark header options
  • Support custom menu
  • Add header social buttons.

– Predefined Layouts (Left, right & without sidebar) for common pages:

  • Front page
  • Archive page
  • Single page
  • Single post

– DW Widgets:

  • DW latest posts
  • DW latest videos
  • DW Most viewed
  • DW Posts Grid

– Advance sidebar: you can assign sidebar for specific page.
– Powerful Theme Options
– Customisation (via Theme Options): DW Magz gives you control across a wide range of customisation/configuration, a few to name:

  • Define Custom Site Width and sidebar width
  • Add Google tracking code
  • Configure Link color, Site Background
  • Support custom CSS in case of complex modification
  • Typography attributes: color, font family, size, weight and line-height
  • Navigation types: Default (Next/Previous), Numbered, Load More button, Auto infinite scroll

– Footer: define up to 4 columns to add to Footer, without any code modification.
– Add support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project (


Glad to hear of your thoughts. If you have any feature request, do let me know via comment below.

replied 8 years ago

You should mody the css for "post comment" button and other buttons, to be at last in the hovered state, in the color of the category color( blue, green … etc). Ad swipe feature to sliders as the one in DW Focus. Something should be done as the main menu appears twice at tehe same time in this setup, once in the header position and once in the offcanavas area. I guess if it’s possible the menu ion the offcanavas area should be visible only on mobile layout and after the page is scrolled down and the header menu dissapears.

The theme looks cool and I’m gladly waiting for the release πŸ™‚

replied 8 years ago

@ckubs george: Glad you like the theme πŸ™‚ Thanks for your feedbacks, our dev team is looking into it right now. The final release will include slider feature. For the offcanvas icon, it’s more for the design balance.

replied 8 years ago

I thought at the offcanavas as a great feature too, not just a desigh balance with the hamburger icon. These days I see a lot of sites with offcanavas sidebars on full-desktop mode. But It would be awesome if you’ll have a way to make the menu( and search bar) from the offcanavas area to appear only in mobile mode, to not have them twice on desktop.

replied 8 years ago

And IΘ›m glad the coloured menu categories on hover are back. A feature I missed on DW-Focus after 1.2 update πŸ˜€

replied 8 years ago

I see your point in the off-canvas sidebar for desktop mode. I just forwarded the case to our dev team for further consideration.
By the way, just want to add FYI: the header in DW Magz comes with 3 styles, thus more options you have to define your main navigation.

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