amanda moore
asked 10 years ago

Hi I have been debugging because I had your great plugin installed ad testing on 3 sites 1 worked fine and 2 didnt, but I find the conflict somewhat weirdly and surprisingly is with major established SEO Plugin by Yoast? Any ideas of a fix? Really want to be able to use it with 3 sites seems to be the issue! But if you want me to help test further happy to do so. A lot of people use YOAST so I guess likely to be one you might want to find a solution to?
Version 1.4.24 | By Joost de Valk | Visit plugin site
I will report bug the other way as well to see if Joost has an answer or maybe between you you might?
Let me know if you can help, we cant do without the seo plugin realistically so sadly if we can’t find a solution will have to not use this otherwise excellent plugin. I have searched for an answer but can’t find one at the moment. If you think of anotehr fix please let me know
Thanks Really like the plugin! So hoping we can get a solution. Your plugin would be worth paying for if the bug could be resolved.
Amanda (UK)

amanda moore
replied 10 years ago

Sorry here is link on test site with YOAST Plugin Activated

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Amada, 
To resolve the issue SEO Plugin by Yoast plugin conflict with the DW Q&A plugin, You can log in to Dashboard > Appearance > Editor > open the style.css file, then add the following code.

.block-fixed-height div.block-content, body.visual-editor-iframe-grid div.block-content {
    height: auto;
.dwqa-container .dwqa-search-form {
    height: auto;

.dwqa-page-header {
    padding-bottom: 20px;

Hope this helps !

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