Krunal Shah
asked 9 years ago

Hi friends,

First of all, thanks a lot for the wonderful plugin. I have a question related to DW Q&A plugin. I own a website called I would like to have a question and answer section related to Education system in India. I do not want to host them on the root domain but somewhere else, for example

How can I achieve it with this plugin? Do I have to install WordPress in QA directory or the same installation will do. Please help me out

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

@Krunai Shah: hi there , if you want to have a permalink for a page like that , you can use plugin : Custom-permalinks.

download the plugin and then open file custom-permalinks.php , line 294:
change $post = &get_post($id); to $post = get_post($id);

After that , you can change the permalink of the page. Then you can go to your question page, change ther permalink to … πŸ˜€

i think this can be a good way to resolve this problem. Hope this help πŸ™‚

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