asked 11 years ago


I am considering purchasing the DW theme. I would like some information before I do on the following questions.

1. How easy is it to add page takeover to the background for advertisers?

2. Is it possible to make the primary navigation a sticky navigation bar?

3. The home page main feature slider I would like to replace. Is this easily custimised or replaceable?

4. Does the theme come with a psd we can use for design?

5. Are the mega menus able to be customised further to suit the website?

6. The header we are wanting to customise also to show 1 billboard advertisement. Will this be possible without causing to much disruption to the theme?


That is all for now.


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answered 11 years ago

Hello Mat !
Please tell me you’re talking to any of our products.


replied 11 years ago

Hi Dominic

replied 11 years ago

Sorry i meant the focus theme

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