Guy Fraser
asked 9 years ago

Reading your guide ( ) I see it’s possible to do some basic integration with BP by editing some files on the server, specifically the activity feed and a new tab in member profile. However…
There is too much room for error and maintenance pain in requiring people to modify code on the server to do the integration on a site-by-site basis. It would be nice if the DWQA plugin could provide this integration automatically, like most other BP-aware plugins do.
Also, is there any possibility of integrating with BP Groups? So a Questions tab would (optionally) appear in groups, and be managed by the group admins/mods. Groups would essentially act as categories, so when I go in to Questions tab I see all the questions relating to that specific group (I could still go in to normal Questions page to see site-wide questions).
Finally it would be nice to use BP notifications system to alert people rather than email. This would allow users to manage all their notifications in one place.
Maybe this level of integration could be provided as a DWQA add-on plugin, even a commercial one? I would gladly pay for an add-on that fully integrates DWQA with BP.

lasse brodersen
replied 9 years ago

I would also gladly pay for an fully integrates BP & DWQA. i´am using DW Gamez and i can´t get this DWQA integrations with BP to work at all.

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hi Guy,
In the long term development, surely that we will develop the plugin to fully compatible with BuddyPress, without much customization and stuff.
That would be in the near future and as for now, you would need a developer to help you with.

lasse brodersen
replied 9 years ago

what is timeframe long term development ? and do DW have a developer who can help me ?

well wisher
answered 9 years ago

I like that idea of BP notifications thing but without dropping the email notification system

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