asked 6 years ago

Just found that dwqa pro cannot add answers from back-end. Which means the answers added from backend with the question ID filled, does not display on the front-end question page.
Is there anything I missing or the plugin does not support this functionality?


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answered 6 years ago

Hi, Dominic
I made a new WordPress and DWQA installed site. This site has no other plugin activated escept DWQA. I tried to add answer from back-end and it does not display on front end.
Check URL:
You can see “2 answers” counted but it only display one answer which I added from front-end. Another answer added from back-end is not displayed here…

The DWQA pro version installed on this test site was purchased from here:
Is this a difference version with the one here?

answered 6 years ago

We have checked and this is bug come from the plugin. In this case, you should answer from the front end and we will update this issue in the next version. We will release the plugin as soon as possible. 

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