asked 9 years ago

Hello and congratulations for this great plugin.
The questions are not correctly aligned in the page that lists them. There’s an empty margin on the right of some of them, no matter how long the title of the question is.
The website in hosted locally with MAMP, but let me attach a screen capture to show you the problem.
![misaligned questions]( "misaligned questions")

Here’s the link in case the image isn’t visible:
Thank you for your help.

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Very hard to check and help you resolve this issue. I think this issue come from your theme, you can send me the theme folder via private answer or our email: [email protected]. We will install a demo and check to help you fix this issue.

answered 9 years ago

Dominic, I thank you for your kind willingness.
You’re right. I just discovered what it is causing the issue: it happens if I enable the option "Magazine Layout" in the Nirvana theme!
Workaround: disable the option, obviously, and try some other way to have a two columns presentation of my posts.
Thanks again, Best Regards

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