asked 11 years ago


After I changed the sidebar width to 300px, the homepage news slider widget overlaps with the one below it. This is only when viewing on mobile.

Here is what it looks like on my tablet:


2 Answers
answered 11 years ago

I think I found the code that is causing this problem.

In the footer, there is:


var height = jQuery(‘.news-slider’).height();
jQuery(‘.news-slider .carousel’).css(‘height’, height);


When I remove this, the problem goes away. Can this be fixed?

replied 11 years ago

Do I need this code? It doesn’t seem like anything is affected when I remove it.

answered 11 years ago

Hello Brooks!

Script code that you sent me, it is used to calculate the height of image in the News Carousel. if you use the height image which is larger than 400px, the code will not affect.


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