asked 8 years ago

Hi I am trying to get my Q&A to not have a sidebar on all the pages but when I click on full width template for all my Q&A pages the default sidebar keps appearing below the Q&A table.
My templates work on all my other pages, just not with the Q&A pages.
Please advise!

3 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Hi Kim,
Looks like you have resolved your issue. As I can’t see the sidebar on any of the DWQA pages.

kim gorgo
replied 8 years ago

yes i found the custom CSS for it in the forum, thank you

well wisher
answered 8 years ago

Hi kim you have go through the style integration guide that you can follow here plus i checked your site and i dint find any sidebar appearing over there !

answered 8 years ago

Dear Guru ! 
Dear Well ! 
Thanks for your help. 
Hello Kim ! 
I have checked your site and you have resolved this issue,  I have mark the “Resolved” status for this question.

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