asked 10 years ago

Hi I am trying to get my Q&A to not have a sidebar on all the pages but when I click on full width template for all my Q&A pages the default sidebar keps appearing below the Q&A table.
My templates work on all my other pages, just not with the Q&A pages.
Please advise!

3 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Kim,
Looks like you have resolved your issue. As I can’t see the sidebar on any of the DWQA pages.

kim gorgo
replied 10 years ago

yes i found the custom CSS for it in the forum, thank you

well wisher
answered 10 years ago

Hi kim you have go through the style integration guide that you can follow here plus i checked your site and i dint find any sidebar appearing over there !

answered 10 years ago

Dear Guru ! 
Dear Well ! 
Thanks for your help. 
Hello Kim ! 
I have checked your site and you have resolved this issue,  I have mark the “Resolved” status for this question.

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