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I have just purchased DW Timeline Ghost and would like to deploy it, however I encountered the problem in showing all content found in the demo, could you please help me?

  • Create a Ghost site.
  • Upload the theme (Setting > Theme > Upload a theme):
    • There are errors to fix, e.g. If you are using {{if image}}, then you have to replace it with e.g. {{if feature_image}}and so on.
    • After fixing it by changing variable name, I upload it successfully.
  • I then import sample data (Setting > Labs > Import content > pick “data-sample.json”)

Could you please show me a new data-sample.json file that I can import and reproduce the live demo webpage?
Thank you.

1 Answers
answered 3 years ago

I sent and notified to our technical team about this issue, we will check and update it.

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