Daniel Weller
asked 9 years ago

Hi google has a new reCaptcha tool out and I was wondering if you will ever be providing support for it? 
Here is what your current google reCaptcha looks like:
Here is the new google reCaptcha:
*these are just examples I found from googling since I am unable to upload the image myself.
If you have no plans for upgrading the google reCaptcha, can you please provide some guidance as to what file(s) would probably need to be modified to implement the new reCaptcha?

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Unfortunately, our plugin doesn’t support new Google reCaptcha yet. We will send and notify our technical team in order to check and disscuss this. In addition, we can’t make sure when we can update the feature in newer version of the plugin. Will let you know once done.

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