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have the gallery carousel in the Demo,but i can not find on the Theme file,it is WP Bootstrap Carousel?

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Hello Along !
We use WP Bootstrap Carousel plugin which allows you to display the Gallery Post Format. You should install the WP Bootstrap Carousel plugin before getting started.
After installing and activating the plugin successfully, you need to insert the shortcode [carousel] into your post. The WP Bootstrap Carousel plugin will get all images which currently uploaded into your Media. So, make sure that you upload images from your computer into the Media Library so that the Gallery Posts will be displayed properly.
See the screenshot: 

answered 10 years ago

I have installed the Carousel plugin, and did the following steps:
– write [carousel] in my post
– clic on ‘Add Media’ then on ‘create gallery’
– Then I selected the pictures I wanted to integrate into the Gallery. Then, for Gallery settings: Link to ‘attachment page’; Column: ‘1’
– Then confirm and check the ‘Gallery’ format. 
Only, all these settings appear as such: the 2 selected pictures are in the same post but separately, one over the other.
Could you please tell me the settings I need to follow in order to have the same Gallery as the demo from design wall?
Thank you very much!

answered 10 years ago

Hello Elenaa  !
I think you have added an image directly into a post via “Add Media”.
To display carousel as our demo you can do as the following.
1. Install the WP Bootstrap Carousel plugin.
2. Log in to Dashboard > Post > add the [carousel] to the post.
3. Move through Media > Add new image.
The carousel will display all the image in the Media.
See the screenshot:

Hope this helps !

replied 10 years ago

Hello Dominic,

Thank you very much fo your answer. However, how do I add the pictures to the post? I did as you advised: added the pictures through Library -> Add new (the pictures I had added before were also in the library). Once I have added the images to the library, how should I proceed with the post? I put “Add media” and checked the images added via “Library -> add new”, but the result on my front page is the same.

Sorry, I’m still beginning with wordpdress so still trying to figure things out.

Thanks again!

answered 10 years ago

Please find here for the document guide on how to add pictures to a post:

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