Ulises Santamaria
asked 9 years ago

My instagram feed won´t show @malditoarte just nothing happens http://www.casablancacolectivo.com/
How can I fix this error?

Umberto Di Massa
replied 9 years ago

I've the same error and I posted the same help request.

I checked deeper and found a problem with webstagram that's the service used by the instagram plugin used in designwall themes such DW Wall, DW Fixel.
On DesignWall demo template the error occur too after the cache is over (big cache but all ends ).
So if you check at DW live demos you will see they have the same problem on their demo pages: this don't make them a good impression. I think this should be fixed ASAP because it's also a bad pubblicity :S
Good luck!

Ulises Santamaria
replied 9 years ago

Thank you for your responde Umberto
I know, is annoying because I decided to purchase this template was because of the instagram feature… Kido, a member of DW staff supposedly to be helping me with the problem, as soon as I know how to fix the problem I´ll let you know.
Hugs from México

Umberto Di Massa
replied 9 years ago

Hi Ulises,
the problem should be fixed because webstagram service restarted to work.
If your instagram service now works fine, I was probably right 🙂
Have a nice day and don’t forget to mark as resolved this case if you works fine 😉

Ulises Santamaria
replied 9 years ago

Thanks Umberto… just checkesd and no, still not working 🙁 I hope @kido-d will soon answer my request.

Tennille Barber
replied 9 years ago

Mine is not working either, it shows errors. Just started happening today. It has happened before as well.

Umberto Di Massa
replied 9 years ago

mine stoped working too again.
It's a webstagram problem again.
However I think DW are hard to fix this because they aren't the webstagram owners.
This happens when you trust in many outside services where you haven't the control: one of this decides to change or divest the service and you are fucked.
I can also understand that DW could say "sorry, not a my problem and I can't fix it" but actually we are here with a not working service integrated in their themplate.
This is annoying and makes the theme for someone useless.
Hope in a solution or an alternative to fix this.

However take a look to their demo here:

Umberto Di Massa
replied 9 years ago

They turned off carousel instagram in their demo.
This is the proof that at DW aren’t able to fix this.

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

hi @ul1s3s,
In the latest release of DW Fixel, we have fixed this problem. Please download and update  your theme ( http://designwall.com/wordpress/themes/dw-fixel/ ) .

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