Rusty Goodall
asked 4 years ago


I set up the plugin on this page: and it looks great, but when you go to view the question: it shows up as a blog post and not the page like the main faq’s page.

How can I make it so that it doesn’t show the theme view and all that stuff? I want it to look like a page .

Also, on these pages, how can I make the background white? Is there css I can add in for this?


1 Answers
answered 4 years ago

At the moment, the plugin will get the layout & style of your theme. In this case, you can create the single-dwqa-question.php file in your theme folder then copy/paste the code from the single.php file into the single-dwqa-question.php to custom. 
Or you can use the following code to hide the post meta. 

.single-dwqa-question .post-meta-big { display: none;}
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