asked 4 years ago

we are using the free version of your plugin and are wondering, if there is any possibility to hide the following:

  1. Filter: Alle Offen Gelöst Geschlossen Unbeantwortet as well as the “Sortieren nach” Drop Down.
  2. Number of answers and votes (only “Aufrufe” should appear)

Looking forward to your feedback.
Many thanks

2 Answers
answered 4 years ago

To hide all this section, you can use the following code: 

.dwqa-question-filter, .dwqa-questions-list .dwqa-question-item .dwqa-question-stats span.dwqa-answers-count, .dwqa-questions-list .dwqa-question-item .dwqa-question-stats span.dwqa-votes-count {display: none;}
answered 4 years ago

many thanks. works perfectly

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