Sandy Polley
asked 9 years ago

My Google Box still is pointing to DW even though on the home page, widget and and within the theme settings I have replaced your link with my own.  Where is it holding this information at?

Can I change the Twitter box on the home page to just go to Twitter Profile rather than show #word?

Finally, if I wanted to add one for say Pinterest how would I do that?

Even though it is an attractive theme it is not the easiest to edit.  It would be nice to edit within WP instead of having to actually make changes to the code.  But if you could direct me to the correct files to make the changes I would be grateful.

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hi Sandy,

Your G+ settings were put on the homepage editor frame, so you can change your G+ url there.

At the moment, we do not yet support Twitter link and Pinterest on DW Fixel but I have created new files in which included new functions for you. Please download updated file here: .

(The file includes bug fixes for G+ profile block as well)


Unzip then copy all files and replace it on your old dw-fixel. Here are the files that got changes: /content-social-google-plus.php – content-pinterest.php – content-social-twitter.php – assets/css/template.css – inc/home.php

Hope this helps!


Sandy Polley
answered 9 years ago

Thank you for sending the fixes so quickly.  I will work on it today and let you know how it worked out.

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