Sander Beuk
asked 9 years ago


When I configure the ‘Minion’ theme in WordPress (version 4.2.2) that my homepage must show my latest posts, it indeed shows my latest posts, only he shows the whole article. How can I configure that my homepage only shows my latest posts with the first few lines and then a ‘Read more’ button.

Normally I don’t have problems with fixing this, but even when I’ve followed the instructions of the online guide on DesignWall It didn’t work.

Does anybody have an idea?

Many thanks for getting back at me!


1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

To shorten a post on the homepage and have a "read more" link.
Please log in to Dashboards > Post > add new > import content.
Then, in the content frame , please choose a section of text you want, and click on More button. Please take a view below:
See the screenshot:

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