Andrew Kim
asked 10 years ago

At the home page, there is a “bottom” widget(with news carousel in the demo) displayed right above the footer. How can I display that in all pages and posts, including 404, search pages, tag pages, etc.? Thank you!

3 Answers
Mirek Kroupa
answered 10 years ago

Open the file footer.php, remove lines
12 <?php if( is_home() ) : ?>
and 21 <?php endif; ?>
Try, maybe it helps

Andrew Kim
replied 10 years ago

Thank you so much!

answered 10 years ago

Hi Andrew,
Hope that you are well today.
Unfortunately, the DW Focus does not support the feature yet so far.

Andrew Kim
replied 10 years ago
answered 10 years ago

To change color for the category, below is our instruction:
Firstly, follow the jetpack’s guideline in the Blog article on how to use Edit CSS here.
Then add the code to the Edit Css.

/*Blue: */
.navbar .nav li.color-blue a { color: blue; }
.navbar .nav li.color-cyan a { color: cyan; }
.navbar .nav li.color-green a { color: green; }
/*Orange: */
.navbar .nav li.color-orange a { color: orange; }
.navbar .nav li.color-violet a { color: violet; }
.navbar .nav li.color-yellow a { color: yellow; }
/* navbar*/
.navbar .nav .sub-menu li a { color: #000 !important;}
.navbar .nav .subcat-title a { color: #000 !important}
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