Andrew Kim
asked 8 years ago

At the home page, there is a “bottom” widget(with news carousel in the demo) displayed right above the footer. How can I display that in all pages and posts, including 404, search pages, tag pages, etc.? Thank you!

3 Answers
Mirek Kroupa
answered 8 years ago

Open the file footer.php, remove lines
12 <?php if( is_home() ) : ?>
and 21 <?php endif; ?>
Try, maybe it helps

Andrew Kim
replied 8 years ago

Thank you so much!

answered 8 years ago

Hi Andrew,
Hope that you are well today.
Unfortunately, the DW Focus does not support the feature yet so far.

answered 8 years ago

To change color for the category, below is our instruction:
Firstly, follow the jetpack’s guideline in the Blog article on how to use Edit CSS here.
Then add the code to the Edit Css.

/*Blue: */
.navbar .nav li.color-blue a { color: blue; }
.navbar .nav li.color-cyan a { color: cyan; }
.navbar .nav li.color-green a { color: green; }
/*Orange: */
.navbar .nav li.color-orange a { color: orange; }
.navbar .nav li.color-violet a { color: violet; }
.navbar .nav li.color-yellow a { color: yellow; }
/* navbar*/
.navbar .nav .sub-menu li a { color: #000 !important;}
.navbar .nav .subcat-title a { color: #000 !important}
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