Sachin Kumar
asked 11 years ago

Hi, I just bought the DW Argo theme from your site. First, there are no documentation/videos etc to get started, very frustrating. I wonder why did I miss this check before I went to buy the theme. Please provide some documents to get started. I thought there would a separate section in my WordPress where I can manage all DW Argo assets and settings but there are noting, just a theme. For example if I need to put some CSS hack over existing template, I would need to go into css folder, update it manually and upload it back to server. It doesn’t come under edit page either.

Anyways, these above are very generic questions which I suppose to get sorted out once you guys release the documentation of this theme. The very first thing I need is: how can I add the section called: “You May Also Like” as shown in the demo? Please help.

replied 10 years ago

wow thats great

I’m planning to start website where people can post projects and buy projects. Do you think it is a good idea?

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Regarding documentation, I totally understand your feeling. We will release the documentation soon.
If you want to change the css for the DW Argo theme: you can log in to Dashboard > Theme > General Setting then add your code to the “Header Script”
Notice: this code put in <style>your code </style>
See the Screenshot:

– “You may also like” will display all the posts that have the same tags, that’s why when create post, make sure you put same tags from them. 


Sachin Kumar
replied 11 years ago

Thanks a lot for the reply. This solves my problem for now. Please provide the documentation asap 🙂

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