Shane Scanlan
asked 10 years ago

It appears I have been abandoned since Design Wall gave me some answers that were irrelevant to my problem 13 hours ago.  The answer you gave was to upgrade to version 1.0.8 and then come back if I still had trouble.  Having bought the theme via Creative Market, the latest download I have access to is 1.0.6.  Further, I had earlier decided not to upgrade because I would have lost all my customisations.  It now appears that I have mysteriously lost all my customisations in any case.  My site has reverted to default in many instances, including the logo and colour changes.  I don’t understand how this happened in the first place.  I have asked for an explanation via this forum at least three times but there is only silence coming back.  Unless I can get some help, one of my choices is to abandon Design Wall and try to find a theme that I can have faith in.

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