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at first, your Q&A is great!
But I have some problems to integrate it in my ‘teriffico’ theme.
Though I use a fullwidth page, the standard sidebar is shown. But not on the right side, it is located below the questions in fullwith!
I have tried several settings. I have disabled the sidebar, I have changed to the standard page, both without success. The display is always the same.
Have a look at the hardcopy:
In addition I have several minor problems with german translation. Not all terms are integrated in the po-file. I made hardcopies too from all missed terms.
Best regards

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answered 10 years ago

Hello Dieter !
To adjust the plugin for your site, you can follow our guide here:
In case you need helps, please send me the admin account so that I can check it for you.
If you want to remove the right sidebar in the Q&A, You can add the following code to the style.css file.

 .single-dwqa-question .widget, .list-dwqa-question .wiget {
    display: none;

– To translate the DW Q&A plugin. Please find here for the documentation on how to Translate the plugin:
Hope this helps !

replied 10 years ago

Hello Dominic,
it has been a hard piece of work, but Q&A works!
I have used the guide. It’s not easy to understand.
Perhaps it is possible to descibe with few global sentences what is to do. Like this:

You have to replace the line ‘‘ with Q&A-code!

“Take the theme page you want to use for Q&A (page.php, fullwidth.php, ….) and copy it twice to the ‘dwqa-templates’ folder first as ‘content-start-wrapper.php’ and second as ‘content-end-wrapper.php’.

Then edit content-start-wrapper.php. Delet the code beginning at ‘‘ (included) downward. At the end add two lines of code:

Save the file.

Then edit ‘content-end-wrapper.php’. Delet all code beginning at the first line until (included) ‘‘. Add one line of code at the beginning:

to close the added div-containers from the ‘start-wrapper’.

Save the file. And done!

To the translation problems:

You have seen, that I am able to translate? In so far your advice is not useable. Of course, I can translate by searching within the files. But with the next update all work is lost! The only way to translate is, that Designwall changes the code in a way, that Poedit can find the text.
My hardcopies should support you to find the missed words.

Best regards

answered 10 years ago

Hi Ger !
Thank for your feedback. We will discuss about this issue in the next version.

If you don’t want to lost all changes that you customized, before updating the latest version, please mark and copy all files that you edited, then implement to update the version 1.1.1
After finishing, you add all codes that you customized in the old files to your theme.

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