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How do I get a double grid element as displayed in preview

First item of preview of WallPress is different from other element/items. I think its because it has “grid-double” class.

I Installed a theme and it doesn’t by default show it that way, nor could I find anything in theme options. I was looking into content.php but couldn’t really figure it out.

Some help would be great.

Brilliant theme



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answered 11 years ago

Update: resolved (there is similar/same question)

All you have to do is add extra metadata using custom field. Grid : double

Thank you

answered 11 years ago



In the custom fields in the Posts, i can only see below options-

1. content_width

2. content_css_add

3. content_css_preprocessor

4. switch_like_status


There is no customer filed names metadata which I can add, can you please help.

I need to make the width of the grid as double

answered 11 years ago

you mean create a post that look like on our demo site?  If so, please see my instruction below:

– Add new post
– At the bottom of content frame there will be “Custom Fields”.

– And add new Custom Fields with:
+ Custom field name: grid
+ Custom field value: double

See the screen shot:

Hope this helps !


answered 11 years ago

Hi. I have tried to create double grid post as you explained. However, there is no custom fields at bottom of content page. I am not clear of the custom field creator you use. I am using WCK Edit Meta Box and it does not seem to work. More instructions please.

answered 11 years ago

@ Zuicksil !

Please log in to Dashboard > Posts > and then open Screen Shot in the top right corner of the screen and  select the “Custom Fields”

See the Screenshot:

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