Marco Andrei Kichalowsky
asked 10 years ago

Thanks for this minimal and elegant theme! I’m using it in my website, a local community.
I’m trying to translate the sentences included in DW Minion to Brazilian-Portuguese but it doesn’t seem to work.
I’m using Codestyling Localization plug-in (it generates the correct .mo file and saves in a specific folder) and the version of theme is 1.1.1.
What could be happening? The plug-in saved the .mo file directly to dw-minion folder, because there is no languages folder. Is this the problem?

5 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Marco, 
Thanks for using our theme 🙂
Currently, our theme DW Minion does not yet support to use the .mo file in translation. If you want to translate the theme, you can use the qtranslate plugin.Please find the plugin here:
Hope this helps!

Marco Andrei Kichalowsky
answered 10 years ago

Thanks, Dominic! I will give to Qtranslate a try!
(I’m at your service, if you need to generate Brazilian-Portuguese and European-Portuguese translations.)

Marco Andrei Kichalowsky
answered 10 years ago

Actually as far as I could see, Qtranslate plug-in allows me to create a multilingual content, it doesn’t allow to translate the theme itself. 🙁
Thanks, anyway.

answered 10 years ago

I translated the theme with Loco Translate and it works quite well.
You can manage all translations directly in the WordPress backend.

Alexander Schilling
replied 10 years ago

Don’t work for me. I can translate, but after translate it is only english.

answered 10 years ago

@ Kevin !
Thank for your help. I appreciate it !

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