help me pls

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answered 2 years ago

At the moment, the plugin has supported asking questions without login. If you want to disable fill email, you can open the wp-content/plugins/dw-question-answer-pro/inc/handle.php file and find the line 462 then remove the following code:

                        if     (
                                    empty( $_POST['_dwqa_anonymous_email'] )
                                    !is_email( sanitize_email( $_POST['_dwqa_anonymous_email'] ) )
                                apply_filters( 'dwqa_require_user_email_fields', true )
                               ) {
                            dwqa_add_notice( __( 'Missing email information', 'dwqa' ), 'error' );
                            return false;
Dominic Staff
replied 2 years ago

If you still face their issue, you can send me the username & password of your site for further checking.

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