Michael Mann
asked 9 years ago

Is this possible? When you add more than two it just seems to bump them off to nowhere.

2 Answers
Michael Mann
answered 9 years ago

Figured this one out.

DW Page: shortcodes.php

/* DW ONEPAGE Testimonials List Shortcode
add_shortcode( “onepage_testimonials”, “dw_page_list_testimonials_shortcode” );
function dw_page_list_testimonials_shortcode($atts, $content = null) {
“row” => ‘1’,
“col” => ‘2’,
“display” => “random”

Just adjust row to add more. Adjust “random” to “latest” if you’d like them to appear in chronological order.

answered 9 years ago

Hi Michael Mann,

Your current solution may break down the shortcode in the futures. We have another solution for you, please follow those steps below:
Step 1:  Go to Dashboard > Page, then edit page: Happy clients
Please see the screenshot : http://imgur.com/TCOENNu
Step 2: Edit the shortcode: [onepage_testimonial row=1 col=3] (row, col is the attribute of row and col on this section)
Example, if you want to display 6 testimonials in 2 rows, shortcode will be:[onepage_testimonial row=2 col=3]
Hope this helps!

replied 9 years ago

A note for people doing this in the future — make sure testimonials is plural, or it won’t work. I’m running into a few problems with spacing between the content blocks as well when I make this change – for some, two of the testimonial blocks are “glued” together while the other side has a separation.

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