Michael Mann
asked 11 years ago

Is this possible? When you add more than two it just seems to bump them off to nowhere.

2 Answers
Michael Mann
answered 11 years ago

Figured this one out.

DW Page: shortcodes.php

/* DW ONEPAGE Testimonials List Shortcode
add_shortcode( “onepage_testimonials”, “dw_page_list_testimonials_shortcode” );
function dw_page_list_testimonials_shortcode($atts, $content = null) {
“row” => ‘1’,
“col” => ‘2’,
“display” => “random”

Just adjust row to add more. Adjust “random” to “latest” if you’d like them to appear in chronological order.

answered 11 years ago

Hi Michael Mann,

Your current solution may break down the shortcode in the futures. We have another solution for you, please follow those steps below:
Step 1:  Go to Dashboard > Page, then edit page: Happy clients
Please see the screenshot : http://imgur.com/TCOENNu
Step 2: Edit the shortcode: [onepage_testimonial row=1 col=3] (row, col is the attribute of row and col on this section)
Example, if you want to display 6 testimonials in 2 rows, shortcode will be:[onepage_testimonial row=2 col=3]
Hope this helps!

replied 11 years ago

A note for people doing this in the future — make sure testimonials is plural, or it won’t work. I’m running into a few problems with spacing between the content blocks as well when I make this change – for some, two of the testimonial blocks are “glued” together while the other side has a separation.

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