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Hi, I have wordpress 4.4.1 and Focus 1.08, I’m trying to add a fifth “social media” type icon next to the row of facebook, twitter, youtube etc icons on the top right of the home page. What I want is not actually a social media link but a Brazil language link that goes to our Portuguese category of posts, so the icon has to be a Brazilian flag. 
I found the guide on:

Add LinkedIn & YouTube social icon in head

But it doesn’t really explain how can I put in a custom made icon (that’s not in the font used there- a Brazilian flag). What CSS do I put in “custom wp_head()” script (I could not find “Dashboard > Theme > Customize > General Settings> Header script.” as described in the post, I presume that’s been changed in the upgraded theme…
Also I saw on one of the changelogs that Focus has a Portoguese translation. Is that just the backend or does this also include some multilingual capacity for the front end content?
many thanks

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I tried implementing the added code in customization.php and header.php and then adding the following code in the cstom wp_head() script:

.social-links .brasil a {

But it doesn’t show any additional icon, even after clearing cache, etc.

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answered 8 years ago

 I’m wondering, why you do not update the latest version of the site. I have checked your site and see that you do not customize the theme and it’s small customize. In the latest version 1.3.2, you can add the Icon to the header very simple. in the case, you do not want to update the site, please let me know, I will help you check and custom it on your site. I think you should update the theme to the version 1.3.2.

replied 8 years ago

You are right, I’ll look into it. We have made a few customizations, presumably the 1.3.2 upgrade will erase them…

Dominic Staff
replied 8 years ago

Yes, I know. I will access your site and check it, will help add new icon to the header of the theme.

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