asked 11 years ago

I wanted to add a BuddyPress/bbpress forum to my DW Focus theme, but when I installed the plugins nothing happened. How can we successfully install a forum using that theme? And what’s the forum you guys also use here? Is it available to us for use?


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answered 11 years ago

It is possible and quite powerful to use both bbPress sitewide forums as well as BuddyPress Group Forums. A few caveats apply in order to ensure an easy setup:

  1. After installing and activating bbPress, please go to your admin dashboard under “Pages/All Pages” and find any page using the slug of “forums”.
  2. If such a page slug exists, as would be normally be the case if you first installed BuddyPress, it is recommended that you delete this page so as to free-up the use of the “forums” slug for bbPress.
  3. Be sure that you also empty the trash of this “forums” page to free-up the slug.
  4. You can then create a new page slug for BuddyPress Group Forums, using a different name. Eg: “Group Forums”.
  5. After creating a new page (Eg: “Group Forums”), go into Settings/BuddyPress/Pages and choose this new page to act as the placeholder for BuddyPress Group Forums
  6. Finally, go to Settings/Permalinks and click “Save” to ensure that you update your permalink structure
Vicky vignesh
answered 9 years ago

step1. unzip the downloaded package.

step2. find “quickstart” folder and unzip it.

step3. copy all and paste into “www” or “htdocs” fonlder on your localhost.

you can use FTP software to upload it into your hosting.

step4. open web browser and type your domain name.

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