Thomas O\'Hearn
asked 11 years ago

I have the sidebar and header under control, but can’t get the main body background to change with this in the style.css:
background: #…;
Any suggestion for an alternative way?
Also, is there a way for my blog posts to be fluid width with NO right sidebar? I’ve seen it done before so I can’t imagine it would look too funky..? I just want the left sidebar and the fluid-width post content stretching all the way across, rather than a quarter/half like it does now…
I am really amazed at this theme and this QnA plugin! Thanks so much for any help.

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Hi Thomas,
If you want to change the background color of Wallpress theme. Please add the following code to the style.css file.

 body {
    background: #…;

Regarding your blog posts to be fluid with widthout right sidebar, you can add the following code to the style.css file.

 #sidebar-secondary {
     display: none;
#content {
     max-width: 100%;

Hope this helps!


Thomas O'Hearn
replied 11 years ago

Thank you, that seems to have worked everywhere except on my bbPress page – any idea why that would be? It’s not displaying the forums correctly all the way across.. shows what I’m talking about.

Thank you so much for your time. Amazing I couldn’t figure out that body background. THANK YOU.

Dominic Staff
replied 11 years ago

Please add the following code to the style.css file

.bbpress .item {
width: 100%;

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