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Paganation view

Hi! Thanks for a amazing theme!

Could you adive me please, how I can change the Paganator look from ( < > ) to (Prev 1 2 3 4 Next)?

I had installed WP-PageNavi plugin, but can’t find the code for replacement :\

Thanks for advance!

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answered 11 years ago

ADVISE, i meaned

answered 11 years ago

Currently, my DW Minions theme does not yet support this problem.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Hope this helps!


replied 11 years ago

I think, if you show me the PHP file, where this block is described (and may be also CSS), I can insert the code manually

answered 11 years ago

To add page numbers to the site. You can use the OB Page Numbers plugin.
Please search the plugin here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/ob-page-numbers/installation/
You can do as the following:
Step1: Activate the plugin ‘OB Page Numbers’ through the ‘Plugins’ menu in admin
Step 2: Open the index.php file then add the following code:

<?php if(function_exists('ob_page_numbers')) { ob_page_numbers(); } ?>

See the screenshot:

Step3: Go to ‘Options’ or ‘Settings’ and then ‘OB Page Numbers’ to change the options
Step4: Log in to Dashboard > Appearance > Editor > Open the style.css file then add the following code:

.paging-navigation {
   display: none;

#wp_page_numbers {
    margin-top: -40px;
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