Valerie Ben
asked 10 years ago

I’ve been looking for a way to customize fonts in DW Timeline, and saw this advice:
A simple and quick way to select Google fonts for your title, body content of the articles without coding. This section is integrated in Style tab. To do this, go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Style >> Heading font & Content font.
But when I go to dashboard, appearance, customize, there’s nothing that says style or heading font or content font. Any advice?

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Valerie ! 
At the moment DW Timeline free theme does not yet support Heading font & Content font feature in the Customize. this feature only has on the DW Timeline pro theme.
– To change font in the DW Timeline free, you can do as the following:  
Step 1: Find the font that you want to use at here:
Step 2: click the Quick-use
see the screenshot:
Step 3: Please go to “@import” and copy the following link:
See the screenshot:
Step4: Paste the copied link above into main.css file in the folder path “\wp-content\themes\dw-timeline\assets\css”.
See the screenshot: 

Step5:  change all the font-family in file main.css with the font-family that you want 
Hope this helps!

Valerie Ben
replied 10 years ago

Thanks for the reply! I managed to get to a page that only displays the following:

Index of /wp-content/themes/dw-timeline/assets/css

Parent Directory

Whatever I click here it doesn’t take me to a black screen where I can change anything… Could you help me? What do I do next?

answered 10 years ago

Hi Valerie,
I have checked the main.css file and it still displays code, you can download & use the Sublime tool to open/ edit  the code.
If you still face the issue, please tell me detail about the position & font title that you want to change. We will provide you the code.

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