asked 11 years ago

Hi, I use my DW Wall site for multiple authors and want to add a page to display an author’s posts when they are logged in.

I copied the layout-blog.php file, gave it a template name of author blog and saved it as layout-author-blog. It appears in my list of available templates for my pages OK.

However, just renaming the file and giving it another template name doesn’t work – it just displays the home page.

I’ve not changed any page code, just the page name and template name.

Why does the blog wall not display in my new template?

You can see the results here… http://www.wall4wishes.com/my-wishes

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

I have notified our technical team about your problems and we will check on your site tomorrow. Please stay tuned and we will inform you when done.

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