Pieter Le Roux
asked 9 years ago

On each post for their plugins there’s a “review” and a “questions” tab (which leads to here). How would I be able to display that on posts tagged to specific categories? And how would I be able to display them from a 2nd website run in WordPress?

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Oh this is a custom work done by the DW team. At one point they did think of developing this into a plugin for wordpress. 

Pieter Le Roux
replied 9 years ago

I think this custom work would fit in nicely as I have 3 related niche sites, and 1 Q&A site. I’d like to display the latest questions (in that category or all) on some of my blog posts. This will definitely be valuable plugin to have

answered 9 years ago

Hi @acidrazor, 
It is our custom work in Easy Digital Downloads Plugin and our theme, it’s was not included in QA system or DW Q&A plugin. 
At this point, we are improving DW Q&A and make it become one of the best FREE WordPress plugin for QA. We frequently update and make sure all the main features of DWQA work well.
We don’t support custom template or another UI at this time. So if you want to make it, you can do it by yourself or have developers to do it.

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