gladys kemunto
asked 10 years ago

I was testing your plugin at  and I found it fills the entire with of the page not as beautiful as they way it appears on your site 🙂 How  can I fix this? Thanks

3 Answers
Solo P
answered 10 years ago

Have you checked the index.php?

answered 10 years ago

Try to add code in below to your style.css file in your theme.

#content {
overflow: hidden;
padding: 1em;
answered 10 years ago

Hi Jonathan, I don think your code will work in this case.
This involves the content-wrapper files.
– Please find here for the document guide on how to create 3 files: content-start-wrapper.php, content-end-wrapper.php, and style.css.
Then add the following code to the content-start-wrapper.php file:

<div class="container floated rightsb">
 <div class="eleven floated" style="min-height: 1069px;">
 <?php if( is_page() || is_archive() ) { ?>
 <header class="page-header">
 <h1 class="page-title"><?php _e( 'Question & Answer', 'dw-page' ); ?></h1>
 <?php } ?>

– Add the following code to the content-end-wrapper.php file:

 <div class="four floated sidebar right">
 <?php get_sidebar(); ?> 

Hope this helps !

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