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asked 6 years ago

How to have black background, white text, quote symbol, and bottom arrow in text post box?
I want to have it the way it is present on the WallPress demo page here:
Whereas I am getting this at my page:

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answered 6 years ago

Hello India !
To have black background, white text, quote symbol, you can log in to Dashboard > Posts > Add the following content  

 <blockquote>It's a very strange thing for a designer to say, but one of the things that really irritates me in products is when I'm aware of designers wagging their tails in my face. <cite><a href="">Jonathan Ive</a></cite></blockquote>

in the Format section on the right hand side, select the Quote format.
Hope this helps !

India Travel Intelligence
replied 6 years ago

Hello Dominic:

Thanks for the response. Appreciated.

I’m afraid, however, the suggestion was the exact same thing done at this end. While the method works on the single post format, the css doesn’t quite reflect on the HOME PAGE – which my question was primarily about.

Harsh (Male, 39; NOT a designer, not a believer of wagging tails)

Dominic Staff
replied 6 years ago

Apologies for the delay replying to you. If you still face there issue, you can send me a screenshot for further checking

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