Oleg Silantyev
asked 5 years ago

Now, if i make one category,users can choose it or not. If they do not choose my category, question is “no category”. Can i make so tha users do not choose category at all and all questions were in my own category?

1 Answers
answered 5 years ago

You can override the template of the submit question form. To do so, you copy this file question-submit-form.php: http://snippi.com/s/aciammk  into your-theme/dwqa-templates folder. And go to line 42 and replace the selected category ID that you want to choose the default.
To find the category ID, In backend, when you edit a category, you will see your category ID in the URL on your browser address bar which looks like this: “…&tag_ID=”
Also, you should create a new folder in the theme folder with the name is: dwqa-templates
the custom won’t override when you update the plugin.

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