Sumit Chakraborty
asked 7 years ago

I am using the Timeline theme and am really loving it. 
There seems to be problem when I am embedding a facebook post. The problem arises in the home page. The theme arranges the individual posts before the facebook embedded post loads. Now when the facebook post loads it changes the height of that post and pushes all the posts below it and also in the adjacent column below. As a result there a blanck space below the adjacent post. This only happens if the initial height of the facebook embedded post (before he FB plugin loads) is of less height than the adjacent post and after the FB plugin loads the height increases more than the adjacent post. 
It sorts itself correctly if I change the size of Chrome window. 
Can we make the theme rearrange itself again after the FB plugin loads? Just a thought!
The page I am referring to is

1 Answers
answered 7 years ago

I know what you want,  At the moment, DW Timeline pro does not support to  prevent theme grid arrangement from breaking when Facebook embed post loads as on your site. 
It’s default of our theme.

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