asked 11 years ago

Unfortunately the included Social sharing on posts does not cover all my needs and is in an awkward location. How can I remove this from my posts allowing post content to fill the area?

2 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Never mind I found it!
In Functions.php

Find and remove

<div class="social-action" data-nonce="">

    <li id="twitter-share" class="twitter" data-post-id="" data-nonce=""><a href="">
  • <a href="" >
  • <a href="" >0
  • <a href="">
  • <a href="mailto:?Subject=&body=">

In Style.css Add

.single .site-content>.post .entry-content {
float: left;
max-width: none;

Checked in most up to date versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and IE and working as expected

answered 11 years ago

I think you have resolved this issue, I appreciate it.


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