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Hi…I coming to say good job guys about DW Wall,I realy like the theme,but I still having some trouble,I’m newbie and I have two question,one is how I translate on post that: Read, comment, and Edit on the botton of the post,and another thing is when in mobile version the fixed menu sometimes appear and sometimes not,and sometimes have to click on navigation two times to the subcategories appear..thanks

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answered 10 years ago

Hi Ramon.
1. Regarding translation issue:
In order to translate the “Read more, comment, Edit “:
– Open file content.php in the folder path your site > wp-content > themes > your theme > content.php
– Translate “Read more” at line 69
– Translate “comment” and “comments” at line 75
– Translate “Edit” at line 77

2. About Navigation issue:
When you click on the icon    this will open or close the theme menu

And this icon  : open and close the sub menu
Hope this helps!

replied 10 years ago

Thank you very much man… that helps me a lot,good job..heyy..I just saw this version comes with pro,I realy want to buy,can you give me some info about this paid version comes with?Thanks a lot…

replied 10 years ago

Hi Ramon,
Thanks for being interested in our theme DW Wall.
DW Wall comes with 4 child themes: WallPress, WallChristmas, WallPin, WallDark. The theme is compatible with WordPress 3.8, supports a shop page using JIGSHOP plugin.

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