Dennis Toman
asked 9 years ago

Hi, can you tell me if this plugin (with the Q&A Embed Question plugin, too since I’m presuming that would be needed as well) would help me do this. I’m using Thesis on my site.

  1. On my single article post pages, I’d like to have a section with a link that invites a question or to search q&a.

  2. On that page, I’d also like to show a single related question that was already asked and answered based on category or other term. The particular question that appears could be random within the taxonomy term, or it could be based on a most recent. I would like to have the option of showing more than one question. Each question would link to a page that has that particular q&a, and that page (or template in Thesis) could include related Q&As.

  3. When the the question is posted, if it’s and appropriate question I can edit the question and answer it and assign the appropriate taxonomy term, and it will appear on the site. Alternatively, it could just be deleted, or it could be answered privately without appearing on the site.

  4. These q&as help to generate the q&a section (which I understand this is what the plugin does very well).

  5. I’d like to be able to turn off the ability of anyone other than myself to answer questions. However, I’d like to be able to include that functionality later if I decide to do so.

If you’ve got a demo using the embed question plugin, or can point to some sites that are doing what I’ve mentioned above, that would be terrific! Thanks…

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago
  1. You can use the following code to add a section with a link that invites a question or to search q&a.
    <a class="add-dwqa-link" href=""></a>
    Then you can use the "add-dwqa-link" class to style for this link.

    .add-dwqa-link {
    color: #..;
    font-size: ..px;

    Note: If you still face there issue, you can send me username & password of your site (via private answer) and tell me detail about the position that you want to display, I will help you.

  2. Please tell me detail about this issue, you can send me your site and a screenshot for further checking.
  3. You just possible use the "Review Question" in the Dashboard > Q&A > Settings > General.
    See the screenshot:
    Note: When user add a question, the question will display in the "Penđing" tabs (screenshot), you can edit question and select private or public it and change status.
    4.If it is an issue, you can tell me detail about it.
  4. At the moment, our theme just support to change permission in the Dashboard > Q&A Settings > Permission tabs.
    Hope this helps !
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