Benoit Pereira da Silva
asked 10 years ago

And it produces bugs on my contact form.
It is a multi site with one blog in french and on blog in english.

2 Answers
well wisher
answered 10 years ago

just unistall the plugin then delete the dwqa templates using ftp from your theme directory btw when i checked the link you provided it threw a 404 error page that is page not found make sure you have published the page you are looking for

answered 10 years ago

@wellwisher, thank you for the great answer!
@bpds, Follow the solution that @wellwisher provided above and try it out to resolve your problem. If you still face the issue, you can send me username & password of your site for further checking.

Benoit Pereira da Silva
replied 10 years ago

I ve decided to keep DW QA and to use it for the WalkingWorking project. So i will post other newbie questions. Thanks for your patience.

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