Yomi Eluwande
asked 9 years ago

Hi there,
I just installed my DW Q&A plugin. It doesnt show any 404 error message. but on my dashboard i keep getting this message from buddypress:
BuddyPress is almost ready. You must update your permalink structure to something other than the default for it to work.”
When i do change the permalink to any other structure apart from the one which works, i get the “404 not found” page.
What do i do?
P.S The permalink structure that works for me is the default structure

Yomi Eluwande
replied 9 years ago

c’mon guys? anybody?

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

A common error after installation of BuddyPress from within the WordPress admin panel is to not set pretty permalinks. If you fail to do this then all of the links in the header will return 404 errors.
To fix this problem, enter the WordPress admin panel > Settings > Pemalinks – set to any configuration other than the default configuration. The mod_rewrite must be enabled on your server for pretty permalinks to work: http://codex.buddypress.org/getting-started/before-installing/#system-server
If you still face there issue, you should contact with author plugin to get a best solution.
Hope this helps !

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