asked 4 years ago

Hi, I just installed this plugin at my new blog website.

  1. How to allow reader to vote for questions and answers, comment ?
  2. How to let users register to participate in this question and answer ? After I installed this plugin, the website did not show or display any Join or Signup button for readers to click.
  3. How to set up a category base for readers to choose related preset category to categorise their questions and answers.

Thank you.

1 Answers
answered 4 years ago

1/ At the moment, the plugin pro version of our team has supported the Vote option, you can enable from the setting of the plugin:
2/ You can disable the anonymous option in the Dashboard > Questions > Settings > Permission then go to the Settings > General setting of the WordPress and enable the user can register option.
3/ Please let me know detail about this question.

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