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Users are posting questions, but answers are always posted in the comment section.
the questions are
.1 Why is the comment section necessary?
.2 Should the comment section be removed?
.3 How should such be undertaken on the paid version?
thank you

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answered 1 year ago

An answer is a direct response that sincerely attempts to provide the information/analysis requested by the question. It is different from a question comment or an answer comment.
Question and answer comments are allowed to be informal and there are few limitations on them. A comment on a question can:
– Request clarification about the meaning of the question.
– Offer a personal thought about the question.
– Suggest how to make the question better.
– Ask about the topics on the question or make a suggestion about the topics.
– Suggest other question pages that may be relevant.
– Leave tips for how other users might research an answer to the question.
A comment on an answer can:
– Thank or praise the answerer.
– Ask for clarification about an element (or all) of the answer.
– Disagree with and/or debate the answer.
– Suggest ways to improve the answer.

In this case, if you want to disable the comment section, you can configure the permission to allow or not allow a user Role can submit, view, read the comment.

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