Brad Harris
asked 9 years ago

I have DW Focus WordPress theme, which I LOVE. But I have noticed that when I resize the screen or view my site on mobile, the thumbnails will overlap the text. Is there a particular size I am supposed to be using? I did not see anything relating to that in the documentation.

I have included a screenshot so you can better understand my dilemma.

![Screenshot]( "enter image title here")

Is there a way to fix this that has eluded me?

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

I need to debug directly on your site, please PM me url, admin and ftp credentials of your site. Regards,

replied 9 years ago

same problem here…

dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

I have checked on our demo and I see that you not yet change the image size in the Media settings.
See the screenshot:
Try it and let us know if it work

replied 9 years ago

Ok, that works, I usually do not touch the default image sizes. Another quick fix is to switch the default category view to grid. That solved the problem for me.

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