Carl Middleton
asked 9 years ago

Hello, We need to identify authors that are not posting the content themselves (some will not have user accounts), and we also need to be able to identify co-authors. I installed the Co-authors Plus plug-in, which works fine on the back end, but requires template manipulation to be reflected on the front end. I searched the Q&A and found no reference to this problem or the use of co-authors in general. We would prefer not to customize the theme if possible, to avoid issues with updates, but I need co-authors and guest authors.
More details about co-authors plus incorporation:
Thank you.

3 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hello Carl Middleton,
We will support plugin co-authors-plus/ in next vertion

Carl Middleton
answered 9 years ago

Hi Wilfred,
Thank you for this response. I looked around, but did not find when to expect the next version of DW_Focus. Is there a release schedule posted somewhere? Do you know when this might be?Obviously, development schedules are sometimes optimistic. We launch next month and may need to sort out another solution for the short term.

replied 9 years ago

Hi Carl,
We expect to release the next update of DW Focus by Friday 4 Apr (the latest)
Stay tuned.

Carl Middleton
replied 9 years ago

Got it, thanks so much!

Thierry Lewyllie
replied 8 years ago

Hi even when it seems that since version 1.0.7, DW Focus is supposed to support the (which was successfully installed and activated), we can’t get it to work in DW Focus 1.0.8. No authors are listed in field (not the regular WP users, and not the Guest users. Any idea what is wrong? The co-authors plus version installed is Version 3.1.1

answered 8 years ago

@Thiery Lewyllie, In DW Focus version 1.0.8, we still support Co authorsplus..
We are not sure why the plugin does not work with your site.
Can you send me your site & admin account for further checking?

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