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Hi DWQA support,  Our site has almost completed the integration of the DWQA forum. We have purchased the dwqa-pro from CodeCanyon.  Here are some issues we need assistance with: 

  1. The questions list is showing the incorrect user who asked/answered the question. See the screenshot here.  
  2. The captcha for posting an answer and question submit form is builtin arithmetic type. Can we switch to google’s ReCaptcha (I’m not a robot type). See the screenshot here.
  3. Is there a way to change the user link in the Popular/Latest widget to the DWQA profile page? See the screenshot here.
  4. The comments text-area keeps expanding as the typing of each character. See the screenshot here.
  5. What is the difference between reply and answer? We have set the answers to be visible only when the user is logged in, but I see some question has replies being shown. Is this something that can be restricted separately? See the screenshot here.

  We have set up an account for you.  website:   Please advise! Thanks! I appreciate your help!   Alex

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1/  This is not a bug that comes from the plugin. At the moment, the profile only shows the questions and answers that the user has submitted and will not change about the question meta that you mentioned here. The question will change when another submitted comment or answer to your question. 
2/ You can go to the Dashboard > Questions > Settings then find the Captcha section to enable the Google Captcha. 
3/ We have helped you resolve this issue. 
4/ I have added some of the CSS code to the Customize section to fix this issue.
 An answer is something said, written, or done in return; a reply is an answer that satisfies a detail in a question
– The reply is generally used when the answer is understood to be verbal – either written or oral; response, by contrast, has a more general application and may be used for a variety of reactions
–  respond suggests a quick reaction while reply implies a return commensurate with the original demand or question

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Hi Dominic,
Thanks for the reply!

1. There’s something wrong. I definitely have not modified the core files except the templates. As the screenshot shows, the meta should show the person who has answered the question. Instead, it’s showing the person who asked the question.
2. Yes, we have tried to enable/disable the option. Only the comment area was able to use google ReCaptcha. I found a captcha form in the plugin. It seems like the plugin is not using the google recaptcha. path_to_plugin/templates/captcha-form.php. screenshot:
3. I’m sorry. I did not get the answer. I know there is the configuration in the settings for the profile page which we set up to be the members’ page and it works everywhere else except in the popular/latest widget. Could you provide the answer again? Thanks!
4. Could you let me know where have you added the code? Thanks!
5. Sure. but can the replies be restricted like answers as well?


replied 4 years ago

screenshot following up the question 1: hope this explains clearer.

replied 4 years ago

4. I have found the CSS code. Thanks!

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